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I asked a friend of mine and postpartum doula, Lisa Falkenstein, to share a little bit about what she does.  If you are in the market to adding one to your team, Nurtured Foundation Doula Services comes highly recommended!


“So, I understand that you’re a postpartum doula? How fascinating! Uhmm, so what exactly is a postpartum doula? What do you do?” I always enjoy answering these questions. Which is good, because it seems I am asked them a lot!

First, let me back up a just bit. Here in North America, we have become incredibly good at planning for everything up to and including the birth of our baby. We do all of the prep work. We sign up for the Childbirth Education classes, Breastfeeding 101 and Daddy Boot Camp. We read all of the latest books. We research internet reviews for the best OB/GYN, the best hospitals, the latest in baby tech. We have the nursery set up just so, and before we know it, the longest nine month span of our lives is suddenly over!! We are over the moon! Baby is now home in our arms. And…Now what?!?!

Many of us feel very prepared for pregnancy and birth, but not the postpartum period. Birth, while amazing, is tiring. Newborns need to feed frequently. Parents have tons of questions and don’t have time to Google or flip through the books for answers. Mom and her partner are beginning to operate on little sleep and are fatiguing quickly. Enter the Postpartum Doula!

What is a postpartum doula? Postpartum doulas are trained individuals that provide evidenced based information on mother/infant care and provide household management. The postpartum doula’s main focus is to “mother the mother”– to ensure she is taken care of. In turn, when the mother is taken care of, the whole family benefits.

Below is a list of services postpartum doulas provide:

  • Physical and emotional support for the mother
  • Assistance with infant feedings
  • Infant soothing techniques
  • Simple meal preparation
  • Tips and tricks with multiples
  • Education on infant development
  • Maintaining laundry and other light household chores
  • Sibling care so mother can spend time with the newborn
  • Accompany mother to infant or postpartum appointments
  • Provide many local resources for issues regarding postpartum mothers and newborns
  • Night time assistance so parents can rest
  • Helping to create a calm and peaceful household

We live in a fiercely independent culture that prides itself on doing it all, without help. The truth is that the postpartum period, while enjoyable, can be exhausting for everyone. Mothers are trying to recover from birth, with their body changes, fatigue, hormones and adjusting to life with a newborn. Partners are fatigued as well and trying to adjust. Having an extra set of hands to help with infant education, keep the house maintained, running errands and simple meal prep is invaluable.

Knowing that your questions will be answered and having a trusted person provide you with evidence based resources, helps to calm and empower new parents. A postpartum doula allows the parents to rest and spend that much needed time with their newest addition and with each other.

Lisa Falkenstein is a postpartum doula and the owner of Nurtured Foundation Doula Services serving the Cleveland and Akron areas. Lisa holds a BA in Family Studies from Kent State University and is certified as a postpartum doula, breastfeeding educator, infant massage instructor, and belly binder. She enjoys working with and empowering parents and families during the postpartum period. In addition to postpartum doulas services, Nurtured Foundation offers birth doulas, placenta encapsulation, infant massage, in-home lactation, birth photography and a variety of parent education classes. You can learn more about Lisa and her services on the website or by calling 216-409-5403.



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